“SAVE ME!” Little kittens But People Ignore Her Blind And Sick Kitten Cries For Help 😭 But People

Cats need our love! I will never understand why people don’t take care of them. They are not meant to live on the street on their own ☹️

Thanks for helping Andy! I really appreciate your loving care. She looks great! Sad about people not stopping on the road for cats! So sad to hear how cats how cats are killed every day, there are so many strays.😪😪😪 God bless your rescue for helping as many kitties as you can, so happy you found this precious kitten.

Hello from CT/USA Andy, you are so sweet. I’m hoping for a loving forever family for you very soon and all of your friends at the center 💕💕💕🐈 I just happened to find your channel.

I fell in love with what you are doing for the kittens. You are a blessing. I subscribed and will share this video. Prayers for Andy and all the beautiful cats and kittens❤

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