He Was Dragged Himself Under The Car & Hasn’t Had Food The Entire 2 Weeks

After he was rescued and even during his rehab he felt warmth, comfort and love….f

or the first time ever. Thank you to all the kind special people who gave him all these things….and his life. We are so excited for the progress made by this beautiful pup. Thank you for your patience and support of those less fortunate.

We live in a world where humans have everything, food, a roof and a phone yet we let little souls like this starve. Thank you for helping him. Well done Cheif for hanging in there. To all of you that helped him all I have to say is you’re the best people in this Universe!!

😁 Keep going and may love and light shine upon you in all that you do. Taking care of the creatures of this earth is the highest calling ever no better people in this world then those that rescue animals. Truly it’s amazing work, truly you’re the best in my opinion. Love from London always 💕

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