The fear has gone – The little kitty has grown up ! Rescue Poor Kitten Transformation


This is the Update Video of Ashley. We found Ashley nearby garbage area with the help of Road Sweeper. She was looking hungry and crying for her lost mom but nobody wanted to help her.

Even we saw some Street boys continuously chasing her. We picked her up for our shelter where she is looking for her new forever home! Lindo demais este nenê dengosinho e traquininho. Parece um leãozinho traquinando.

Kkkkkkkkk You’re awesome! Just watched back to back videos of the scared little kitten growing into a confident cat. It is very important to keep us nature and animals safe thanks so much for saving ashley. pls go to that filthy market and save more kitties and dogs pls.

thank you. Hello sir i need to ask that i have 3 stray kittens in my courtyard , my question is that we are giving them milk but not any meat or bone becoz it will get stuck in their windpipe so sir their mom has also left them so what should i do for them now and giving cat food to them would be fine ? Or not?

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