An old dog with a tumor didn’t know he was abandoned and heartwarming ending

You are a wonderful person, thank you so much for everything you do for this beautiful.

dog Amur & all the other animals, thanks for giving him a life he deserves🙏💚💛💜♥️💙🐾🐾🙏 You never know what’s in the next page. He may surprise you and live 5 years. We treated our lab /shepherd for lymphoma at 12 and she lived 3 yrs.

It’s so sad the poor thing didn’t even know someone had left him for dead. 😢 Glad you picked him up. Gracias por AYUDAR y salvarle la VIDA 💕🐕💕🙏 Se merece seguir VIVIENDO este hermoso y cariñoso perrito 🐕❤😘BENDICIONES y que su VIDA llegue hasta que DIOS quiera 🙏🐕❤😘.

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