Injured dog lying exhausted waiting for help for days with pieces of bread

thanks a million for saving bagrat and giving him a 2nd chance in life. thank you for nurturing him back to health.

he’s such a beautiful dog and deserve good people and family. thanks again. Hay me partió el corazón 💔😭 cómo puede aver gente tan cruel ,el perro no se levantaba de flaco ,no tenía fuerzas ,vio la muerte de frente ,pobresito y además hermoso ,yo lo hubiera llamado chocolate ,por dulce.

me dolió mucho ver su tristeza ,sus ojos ,hay no gracias 👍🙏 que lo rescataron ,ya se ganaron el cielo ,y el perro está divino 🤗 Watching these videos makes me happy but also sad at the same time.

The thought that there are countless voiceless souls out there that are suffering around the world scares me, they are probably still waiting for someone to save them from horrible death.

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