Poor Dog Hides In The Corner Of The Corn Cart In Fear, After We Rescued Him, He Finally Smiled

Wünsche dem lieben süßen Kerl alles Gute und ein schönes Leben mit eine guten neuen Familie. Danke euch für eure Hilfe 🐕 🐾 👏 ❤ 🥰💜💙💚💛

Merci pour votre aide à cette créature innofensive que dieu vous bénisse heureusement qu’il y a des gens bien comme vous qui sauvent des vies 🌹 I applaud your efforts. I am familiar with the history of Harbin when it was under occupation by the Japanese Army

it seems to be such a sad place. But then you have been doing quite an amazing thing by helping rescue the dogs that would otherwise suffer immense brutality from the dog meat trade killers.

I think that if the PRC wants the world to view it as a progressive country then you must be entitled to government funding for the good work that you do & the dog killers be arrested & put in jail. Keep up your good work.

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