20-year-old Dog Didn’t Cry When He Abandoned At Dog Meat Truck But Cried Out When He Saw Our Light

The rescue camp is in dire need for more support.

Recently our volunteers overseas helped creating this channel to spread the word and hope to reach out to more people worldwide. All video clips are authentic, though just a tip of the iceberg of our relentless and tough daily rescue work. In a country lack of the governing law for animal and pet protection, especially it’s not illegal to consume dog meat or freely trade and abandon cats or dogs (they were treated by many like personal belongings that can be freely traded or thrown away), the rescue work is often extremely tough to nearly impossible.

Since 2006, the camp director Ms. Liu Li, has given up everything in her personal life (family and money) to rescue more and more animals in need. Not just cats and dogs, the camp is also home to some sheep, pigs, and foxes.

Because Liu Li is well known locally (many mainstream TV stations have interviewed her in the past and her stories have been published in many media outlets too), along with more support from kind people, some people with ulterior motive have tried many ways to either defame her or force her into a moral kidnapping situation. Liu Li has fought to protect more and more animals in the most effective way possible, but without help and support from many people, it will be impossible for her to sustain.

Source :  Animal Rescue Center-LiuLi

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