Rescue deserted bulldog changed into unhappy, lonely in bloodless streets & eat leaves to live on

Lindo Rocky, um bebezão maravilhoso e feliz. Obrigado por salvar esse anjo iluminado. Deus abençoe vcs e o Rocky. ❤😚

Me alegra saber qué salvaron al perrito y ya está en lugar seguro y cuidado por buenas personas, espero que en poco tiempo sea adoptado It breaks my heart, he’s so depressed! I just don’t get how anyone could leave a poor pup suffering like that. Thank god for sending rescue angels!!💔😢😘🐶💝💝💝💝

People are so cruel leaving this defense dog on the streets. I am so glad he was rescued he turned out a beautiful and gorgeous and loving dog with a happy smile and happy tail and a happy ending bless him. 🐕❤

Aww…bless him, he still mouths. My staffie used to do that when she was a pup. The bull breeds are such loving dogs. Love cuddles and great with children. Thank you for giving him a second chance, he’s a lovely boy❤️


source :Animal Rescue

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