Emotional tale – malnourished domestic dog abandoned on the street, lonely & regrettably beneath the terrible cold


We are looking for an abandoned puppy after a call of a kind person.

He was abandoned for 3 days in the street under the terrible cold. The unfortunate puppy has a rough skin, he is also malnourished and anemic. That kind person created a temporary shelter for him.

He’s shrinking, scared … When we arrived, this little puppy was cheerful and friendly. He kept kissing my hand as I caressed him. We have called this beautiful puppy MERCURIO!
MERCURIO was taken to the clinic, he was hungry and kept eating …

Thank God he is fine, tomorrow, he will be taken to shelter. Our MERCURIO is changing day by day. He’s extremely smart. his angel is an extremely cute puppy. MERCURIO is having a happy life he deserves. Love you – MERCURIO!


source : Animal Rescue

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