Rescue thirsty kitten that changed into sucking wet rescue homeless kitten component 1

Most of the people who has gold hearts send us emails about asking PayPal/Other account for sending donation.

They sincerely want to help the pets, because they know how expensive everything is for cats. But I want to say thank you so much from bottom of my heart to all those. Actually At this time, we need your prayers and love.

We just want ,you donate your time to us for watching our Videos and Reward us with sweet words of prayer by writing Comments below the Video. We don’t need money right now because we are managing all expenses of our shelter easily.

Hey Guys! Thanks for coming to our Channel. Friends! We are Rescuing Homeless and Stray pets. You can see our work on our Channel. In this Mission, we want some moral & free support from you all. Please support us from Subscribe Our YouTube Channel ,Like Our Page And Follow on Instagram & Twitter.


source : Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center

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