People playing while deserted kitten cries for his mom saddest kitten you’ve got ever seen

Kids enjoying while homeless kitten cries for his mother.

This is a rescue story of a homeless kitten that was abandoned by his mother. He searched for his mother but all in vain. He is newborn and weak enough to find food. Kids are enjoying as it cries for is mother.

Nobody dared to feed and help him. Our team came to know about this, and we rescued him as soon as possible. Watch the video, like and share. Mr.Honey ! We had rescued Mr. Honey months ago! This kitten was so weak and he had lost his mom. Please watch the full video to see how he is now!

For Everyone : If you can’t afford or not gonna take care of a pet for lifetime, then don’t even try to think about for having pets. When you abandon a pet, those heart will break literally. This is an unforgivable sin and one day you’ll definitely pay for that.


source : Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center

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