Surgery saves puppy starving from broken jaw.

Starving as she was unable to eat, this sweetheart’s jaw was broken and her teeth displaced.

We’d never have saved her had it not been for observant and kind neighbors who noticed the puppy wasn’t eating. They immediately called us to help her, and we performed her surgery the next day. Without surgery, she would never have eaten again.

Muchas gracias por salvar a estos animales 👍👍👏👏👏👏. Se nota en su carita que están muy agradecidos. Ellos necesitan una buena familia que los adopte y reciban todo el amor que se merecen. Ustedes son unos verdaderos héroes de los animales, se merecen todos los honores. Bendiciones 🥰🌹

You are such a wonderful organization!! I can’t thank you enough! I pray God blesses you richly for all that you do to ease the pain and suffering of these defenseless and innocent creatures! ❤️
É simplesmente maravilhoso todo o amor e cuidados que vcs dedicam a esses anjos totalmente indefesos! Deus abençoe todos vcs da Animal Aid! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Source : Animal Aid Unlimited, India

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